Cuba foresees new Population and Housing Census for 2022

Photo: Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

Official sources reported, Cuba’s National Statistics and Information Office plans to conduct its 19th Population and Housing Census by September 2022 with the aim of updating the main demographic, social, economic and educational characteristics of the population.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero assured that by that date the general situation of the country regarding the COVID-19 epidemic, is expected to be more favorable.

Speaking about the constitution of the coordinating commission of the study, chaired by Marrero, the head of government recalled the importance of the research for future decisions in the country.

For her part, Juana María Pantoja, head of the National Statistics and Information Office, explained that the purpose of the Census is to provide the State and other actors in society with updated figures on the main characteristics of the population and their homes.

The nation has 247 years of this type of experience and the 2022 Census will be the fifth one carried out in times of Revolution, he added.

He argued that censuses are carried out every 10 years and constitute the main investigations of the statistical offices of the countries.

For the 2022 exercise in Cuba, mobile capture devices will be used, which saves a group of materials for printing paper, and reduces the number of personnel to be involved, he explained.

According to Pantoja, the coordinating commission will operate at three levels: national, provincial and municipal, and will count on the performance of some 37 thousand people, including enumerators and supervisors.

The working group constituted on this day includes several agencies of the Central State Administration and other institutions. (Source: Prensa Latina).

Edited by Catherin López

amss/Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

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