Negotiations carry on in bipartisan group in the US Senate

Photo: taken from Prensa Latina

 Negotiations on Sunday carried on in bipartisan in the US Senate, aimed at finally finishing an infrastructure bill, a legislative priority of Joe Biden’s administration.

Senators expect to hold a session at noon, after Upper House Majority Leader Charles Schumer unfolded on Saturday evening that a final draft would not be ready until Sunday.

Likewise, those officials pledged to vote on the legislation before the Senate leaves for a summer recess in a week, and planned to hold a vote on a budget resolution.

The recess was scheduled to begin on August 9, but the Senate will likely miss the first week of its summer vacation.

As reported by The Hill, a media outlet specializing in congressional issues, the bipartisan group had hoped to introduce the bill on Saturday, and the Senate met for that purpose but remained on hold for over 10 hours as behind-the-scenes negotiations continued.

That should be the latest delay for the legislation, with negotiators meeting around the clock to try to finish their deal, the newspaper referred on its website.

According to local media, the bill is expected to be huge, with drafts of approximately 2,500 pages.

The ambitious plan, which has the backing of both Democrats and Republicans, will dramatically increase the country’s spending on roads, bridges, transit and airports.

The bill includes some 550 billion dollars in new spending, on top of 450 billion dollars already approved.

It also provides amounts to eliminate lead water pipes and build charging stations for electric vehicles.

The bill does not include funding for most of the social and climate change initiatives that Democrats intend to approve in a separate, 3.5 trillion-dollar bill without Republican support.

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