President of Cuba remembers birth of essay writer Adelaida de Juan

Adelaida de Juan, author of numerous books on Latin American art./Prensa Latina

President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, remembered today the 90th birthday of Cuban teacher, essay writer and critic Adelaida de Juan, author of numerous books on Latin American art.

In a message on his official Twitter account, the head of state indicated the date of birth of who he described as an extraordinary teacher and invited to celebrate her life with Casa de las Américas cultural entity.

‘As my friend Laidi, her daughter, writes, there is her consecration to the spring of the art of our countries’, the president emphasized and referred to the institution’s website, La Ventana, where there is a tribute to the author and an article by her executor, Laidi Fernández de Juan.

The exhibition, along with the text A gallery for Adelaida, contains a dozen book covers and articles written by the Cuban essay writer, encourages visitors to explore her work and understand through art the destiny of Cuba as a nation and its relationship with Latin America.

In homage to de Juan, Casa de las Américas also made available to readers a review of the book Visto in Casa de las Américas (Havana, Casa de las Américas Editorial Fund, 2016) and the download of the material.

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