Museum of Music pays tribute to Ñico Rojas

Ñico Rojas, one of the foundational voices of the filin movement within Cuban song/Photo: Taken from Internet

The Cuban Museum of Music promotes the books ‘Ñico Rojas’, by Ivón Peñalver, and ‘Obras para guitarra’, a compilation by Martín Pedreira, on occasion of the 100th birthday anniversary of Cuban musician José Antonio Rojas –better known as Ñico Rojas—to be celebrated on August 3rd.

During a press conference in Havana, musicologist Liety Ramos, with the Cuban Museum of Music, offered detailed information on both titles and the authors.

She explained that ‘Ñico Rojas’ by Ivón Peñalver compiles the testimony and views of other Cuban singers and composers on the work and legacy of Ñico Rojas.

An award-winning artist, Ñico Rojas is considered one of the pioneers of Cuba’s filin song movement. He was granted Cuba’s Félix Varela and Alejo Carpentier Orders, as well as the National Culture Distinction.

In the case of the title ‘Obras para guitarra’ by Martín Pedreira, it compiles 16 music scores for guitar by Ñico Rojas, to be used in music schools across Cuba.

Pedreira explained that the idea emerged after he met Ñico Rojas personally. Since the artist could no longer play the guitar, Pedreira had to transcribe Ñico Rojas’ works from recordings –a process that took him over a year.

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi/ Taken from Prensa Latina

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