Virtual exhibition of abstract art pays tribute to pioneer of artistic discipline in Cuba

Photo: Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

The virtual exhibition “Todos abstractos”, compiling works by 60 Cuban creators, was inaugurated Thursday in the channel on Facebook of the provincial art center in Holguín.

Curated by Ronald Guillén, the exhibition compiles works by young and established artists, all of them exponents of abstract art, among them Pedro de Oraá, Claudio Sotolongo, Eduardo Leyva, Freddy García Azze, José Ángel Vincench, Juan Carlos Anzardo, Nalia Martínez Grau, Luis Santiago Peña, Ramiro Ricardo, Anibal de la Torre, Lidisbelis Carmenate and Mariannis Mirabal.

“Todos abstractos” features several different techniques, notably painting, digital photography, sculpture and installations.

The exhibition pays homage to artist Pedro de Oraá, National Visual Arts Prize laureate and a pioneer of abstract art in Cuba, on his 90th birthday anniversary this year.

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi/ Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

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