Ignacio Ramonet says crusade against Cuba is ‘old recipe Washington has applied against others’

Photo : Taken from Cuba Debate

Spanish-French academic, journalist and writer Ignacio Ramonet has joined voices around the world, who condemn the destabilization agenda implemented against Cuba, arguing that it is based on lies or half-truth disseminated on social networks.

‘It is a well-designed recipe that has been applied before,’ Ramonet told Prensa Latina news agency and pointed to the so-called Arab Spring a decade ago in the Middle East and North Africa.

According to Ramonet, the anti-Cuba crusade takes advantage of economic hardship amidst covid-19 and Washington’s stepped up blockade policy, marked by the more than 240 additional measures imposed by the previous US administration.

‘No doubt, this is a premeditated act, with Cuba enemies resorting to social networks to unleash an all-out war, based on totally apocalyptic events that have nothing to do with Cuba’s reality,’ the prestigious Spanish-French writer said.

He commended president Miguel Diaz-Canel’s willingness to engage in direct, open dialogue with peaceful protesters, a position quite different, he said, from that adopted by most governments around the world in dealing with similar situations. 

Ignacio Ramonet insisted that any thorough analysis on the Cuban reality must take into account the exceptionally difficult situation generated by the economic siege imposed and maintained by consecutive US administrations over the past 60 years.

Ramonet condemned US lackeys in and outside Cuba, who have turned their back on the Cuban people, who have resisted firm nearly 60 years of continued aggression by the world’s only superpower.

‘No other country would have resisted firm this long under similar circumstances,’ he said.

Ignacio Ramonet further stressed that Cuba and its people deserve international support and solidarity and underscored that despite Washington’s cruel, inhumane blockade policy.

Cuba exhibits remarkable achievements in several fields, have developed five vaccine candidates against Covid-19 and is an example of world solidarity, extending a helping hand to other nations and peoples the world over, particularly in times of covid-19.

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi/RHC

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