President of Cuba salutes International Children’s Day

Photo: Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

With a call to devote the greatest care to children, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, greeted on Tuesday the International Children’s Day.

Díaz-Canel also thanked Cuban children because, he stressed, they learn first and best how to deal with COVID-19 and teach adults to do so.

Amid the confrontation with COVID-19, the care and protection of children and adolescents remain a priority in Cuba.

The official immunization program of 11 vaccines that protect against 13 diseases has not been stopped, nor have the usual services for pregnant women and infants.

In addition, authorities established special care for pediatric patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Despite the consequences of the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. Government, Cuba boasts results such as the infant mortality rate, which at the end of 2020 was 4.9 per 1,000 live births.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares

Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

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