Cuba demands an end to Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people

Photo: Radio Habana Cuba

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez demanded Friday an end to Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people.

“The aggression against the Gaza Strip must cease immediately.  The Zionist barbarism and the cloak of impunity that the U.S. spreads over these crimes with its support for the Israeli regime insult the world.  We condemn flagrant violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people,” the Cuban head of state wrote on Twitter.

For his part, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez demanded an ‘end to the Israeli massacre. On Twitter,  he also wrote that ‘the UN Security Council should act and prevent it’.

Israel’s military continued air and naval bombardments against civilian targets in the Gaza Strip on Thursday but limited the participation of infantry, a possible indication of the resistance encountered by these forces.

In its most recent update, Palestinian health authorities reported more than 120 dead, including 31 minors, including a woman and her three children, during Thursday’s hellish night, in addition to 830 wounded.

The Israeli media identified the victims as members of the Hamas movement, in control of the strip, and other groups opposed to Tel Aviv’s military occupation.

During Thursday night and the early hours of Friday morning, Israel launched up to fifty bombardments with reactive and field artillery in about 40 minutes.

For their part, the Palestinian resistance organizations fired more than 200 missiles from mobile ramps, leaving their sites to avoid detection by the enemy army’s electronic means.

The UN Security Council continues without expressing a position on the escalation of the conflict, while many nations in the region condemn the increase in violence.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares

Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

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