Celebration by the 30th anniversary of the Computation and the Electronics Central Palace

Photo: Ricardo Gómez

Always with new technologies to the service of the town and mainly of the youths, the Computation and the Electronics Central Palace takes place this Sunday the anniversary 30 of being inaugurated by Fidel Castro.  

A journey for the installation, located in the municipality Centers Havana, they carried out Mercedes López Acea, member of the Political Desk of the Communist Party of Cuba; Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, integral of the Central Committee and President of the Council of Provincial Defense; and Jorge Luis Perdomo, minister of Communications, among other personalities.  

A special stamp at times of the date it was canceled by the visitors who verified the operation of external screens digitized for interacting with the pedestrians.  

The Stamp Commemorative 500 Anniversary of the foundation of Havana and that of the Anniversary 80 of the Power station of Workers from Cuba were given in recognition to their work, to this center that Fidel denominated “the capital of the young club.”  

They also granted the condition Anniversary 30 of the constitution from the Palace to leaders that have played a protagonistic paper in their work during this time.  

Foto: Ricardo Gómez

Also, they inaugurated the Thematic Room “Fidel and the technologies for all” that counts with virtual assistant; I siege to visualize documentaries linked with the leader of the Revolution; and an exhibition of the development of this project, of the computer science and communications in Cuba.  

One of the main attractions of the institution today it constitutes the technological corridor, with pretenders donated by different organisms of the country.  

The center of information of the place offers the service My backpack; the digital government supports; he allows to carry out consultations, to copy books; and he receives more than three million monthly visits.  

Jorge Luis Perdomo said that today that achieved in administration of the knowledge, development of community platforms and deploy of the computer science, it is a homage to the Commandant in Boss that dreamt of this reality.  

He added that the Palace’s main mission and the young club is to create in the town a culture of the use of the new technologies so that we can learn, to share contents and to be better preparation in all the orders.

Foto: Ricardo Gómez

Translated by Julio Alberto Jiménez Ruiz

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