Steel and honey women: secrets of Marlys

Photo: Ricardo Gómez

There are encounters that give encouragement to the life. That they push it to challenge distresses, to conquer. It happens this way when you are next to her and it counts you about the three years in bed, of the dissimilar operations in a leg, after the tragic accident that it suffered to few months of graduate, in the 2009, when she was only 22 years old and it began their labor life in the Revolutionary Armed forces.

Starting from there, Marlys Hernández Magdariaga says that she had to
learn how to live. There are instants that change you the direction.

It is still young, very young. She has that brown skin that she speaks
of Cuba and a smile that now hidden a mask made with fineness and that
it combines with their blouse orange.

Entered a lot of time was, then in a seat of wheels; and thanks to the
work of physiotherapists, doctors, technicians and Irma’s
irreplaceable help, their mom, and their dear beings, today it only
depends on a crutch.

She began to walk at the beginning until the Office of Playa with a
walkway, but mainly starting from will, perseverance, effort…

Marlys takes five years working in the Provincial Office of Havana, in
the Department of Attention to the Citizen. There she assists
complaints and dissents that have to do with housing topics, civil,
penal, laboral…

“We give to those who arrive an artificial orientation according to
their pretenses. Many bring the dissents or doubts in writing. We
investigate the matter and the answer is personal.”

She comments that every day they should get ready in different matters
and to be attentive to the most current legislations. It is sometimes
necessary to revise complex processes. Always bill with the support of
their colleagues.

The girl speaks in a natural way, with warm and leisurely voice, on
the multiple operations to those that she was subjected. She explains
that he still lacks some how many, because insurance will be able to
be imposed and to walk without any sustenance, like she wants.

“You will see… I will improve my quality of life largely”, she tells
me… And it is when you are without questions, astonished in the face
of this girl’s optimism that hides some brown eyes after their
eyeglasses; but mainly, it hides secrets of steel women’s life and

Translated by Julio Alberto Jiménez Ruiz

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