A town of Homeland or Death

Photo: Cubadebate

24 hours they had hardly lapsed since Havana shivered with the explosion of the vapor The Coubre. It was March 5th, 1960 in the burial of the victims of so monstrous crime, and before that first terrorist claw of the imperialism the Cuban town understood that only one must be its historical commitment: to defend to the price of their life their recently reached independence.

The leader’s solitary voice of then and it always synthesized for first time the urgent birdcall of Cuba toward their best children, so that starting from that moment conviction was made in each man and woman of our town the dramatic one and certain alternative of Homeland or Death: a decision continually demonstrated along 61 years of constants threats and dangers.

With that foreign currency the combatants went willing to die in the sands of Beach Girón to prevent the invaders to stain the sacred floor of the Homeland. With that determination a whole town confronted the risks of a nuclear conflagration during the luminous and sad days of the Crisis of October.

With that will of resisting until the last consequences maintained erect our sovereignty and our dignity when the socialism collapsed in the countries of Europe of the This. With that vocation of limitless delivery we continue facing each enemy maneuver that seeks to hinder the indetenible it goes of our human one and I joust social project.

If 61 years ago, in the burial of the victims of the first terrorist act made by the empire against the Cuban Revolution, we assume with integrity and anger the alternative of dying to defend all that reached and all that yearned that don’t call themselves to deceit who they still become obstinate in reverting our history because we are and we will always be a town of Homeland or Death.

Translated by Julio Alberto Jiménez Ruiz

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