A necessary war

It was José Martí the visionary agent of the necessary war initiate independentist February 24th, 1895. Martí who agglutinated the dispersed wills was and it fused in an only face to the eminent persons of the sixty eight and the new pines that used for the first time its anger and its weapons in the battle fields. Martí went who it united the Cubans of the exile with the Cubans in the homeland, because of the unit of all depended the consummation of the yearnings of freedom that they defended with the edge of the cuban machete again.

Hundred twenty-six years of that glorious armed rising they are completed, so that this continues being a date of patriotic commitment for all the worthy Cubans; for the hardened Cubans of yesterday’s fights and of the present; for the honest Cubans of inside of and of outside of the national territory that we put to ride our ideals of sovereignty again and of justice in defense of the dignity and the integrity of this nation.

Certain sleepless and tariffed annexionist now they are erected in spokesmen of the most ignoble and infamous causes, staining the Apostle’s worshipped memory and their immortal patriotic legacy, revolutionary and antimperialist. Ignorant wrong cubans of new dates that they forget or they ignore that the war organized by the most universal in the Cubans was sustained in the zeal of impeding, with the independence of Cuba that the United States fell with that force more on the suffering towns of our America.

All made until then our National Hero was for that. And it still follows it making from their endless teaching that serves from inspiration to the worthy of their example, so that for always unharmed and vital permenezca among us the ideario that encouraged José Martí to begin a necessary war, independentist and antimperialist on.


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