Implementation of economic strategy sets Cuban government’s agenda

Implementing Cuba’s economic strategy at the local level is currently guiding the government’s agenda. That reality was demonstrated during the recent visit to the special municipality of the Isle of Youth.

On Friday, President Miguel Díaz-Canel, Vice President Salvador Valdés, and the Council of Ministers toured that territory to assess food production and promote local development and productive links.

Another priority of the government team was to verify the Ordering Task’s preparation, related to monetary and exchange rate unification, wage and price reform, and the elimination of undue subsidies and gratuities.

In a dialogue with the authorities of the territory, the quality of services, and the population’s main concerns were also reviewed, the Presidency website pointed out.

In particular, Diaz-Canel evaluated the housing construction program’s progress, visited local enterprises, and held a meeting with young protagonists of the confrontation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero focused his tour on the facilities and infrastructure of Cayo Largo del Sur, where he supervised the progress of the program for the development of tourism.

Salvador Valdés’ agenda included agribusiness areas with export prospects and the exchange with livestock farmers in the area.

This is the ninth government visit in 2020 and the first to the special municipality since 2018.

The direct supervision by the presidency and the Council of Ministers was interrupted by the pandemic, but they started this October again in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

The visits to territories seek to connect the national programs with the implementation of local development policies, food production, housing construction, promotion of tourism and strengthening of exportable items, and the Cuban government’s priorities.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares

Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

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