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International day of the Non Violence . 2 de octubre.

Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian,s independence defined the non violence like “the biggest force to the humanity’s disposition. It is more powerful than the weapon of more powerful destruction conceived by the man’s genius.”  
That`s why, in homage to the anniversary from birth of

Gandhi and to their peaceful work as main leader of one of the most momentous non violent movements in last XX century, he takes place this this day, proclaimed by the Organization of the United Nations (UN) from year 2007.  

The objective doesn’t only allow to visualize the most violent actions in the contemporary world; but promoting cultural activities for the sake of a culture of peace, tolerance and understanding among all.  

Today’s world seems to be more and more violent. He is considered that every year 1.6 million people lose the life in some act of violence.  

Among the most common types of violence we can mention the one that is exercised against the woman or of gender, the racial one and the nun, besides the homofóbica, and in smaller grade the criminal.  

The lack of tolerance and the little understanding toward the neighbor constitute the reasons for those that people appeal to the violence.  

In the last years the gender violence or against the woman it has been one of the most significant. The statistics of the UN endorse that 35% of the women who die in the world were because of an aggression act on the part of its couple or another relative.  

In spite of the implications that bring the victims the violent acts, not all finish in death. The pursuit, the violation, the verbal insult and the molestations for their oppressors are some of the edges of this wrong against the woman, the children and the grown-ups or those that present some discapacidad type.  

In this 2020 we live difficult moments, so much in the social thing, like in the economic thing, made worse by the pandemic of the COVID-19 that suffer all the world.  

To understand to the other one transforms us into better people. We should remember that the kindness unites us. And it is one of the human being’s stronger values, because she gives us the capacity to conquer any inconvenience or challenge.  

Non violent roads exist through which big objectives can be achieved: one of the biggest teachings that Mathama bequeathed us Gandhi.  

Translated by Julio Jimenez

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