Rafael Trejo: one day September wich died in a smile

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Who knows if Rafael Trejo’s definitive traffic toward the history began ninety years ago with the loving warning that made to his mother in his last one September 29th: “Tonight I won’t come to sleep, I will stay studying at Cortina`s home”. Or maybe he went when saying a prophetic sentence that filled some of disastrous premonitions: “Here it is necessary a victim”. Or perhaps he had already begun when he repeated with the throat and the committed life a sentence made to their measure:

“Unfortunate the town where the youths are humble with the tyrant, where the students don’t make tremble to the world.”  

Or possibly the definitive march of Felo Trejo toward the history was marked from much before, when being a boy rescued a Cuban flag insulted by an unconscious. Or it was fated from the same instant of being born in a subjected earth to the dictations neocoloniales of a near and powerful empire.  

Difficult it is to specify when he was begun to inflame Felo the chest and to inflamársele in the blood the suffering of their homeland. To him, for who would not suffer it dishonors their town; to him that would not never humble before any tyrant. For that reason he chose as career the in agreement with their vocation and temperament: Civil right and Public Right. And a new stage opened up before the young student in its life and the possibility of facing the injustice.  

It is already Felo Trejo one of those provisionally expelled of the University of Havana to start up of the legendary perron a propaganda in favor of the tyranny. He is also Trejo one of the first sensitive university students with the general strike organized in March, 1929 by the Communist Party and directed by Rubén Martínez Villena. He is already Rafael Trejo who puts all their energy in the desire of to agglutinate and to mobilize to the student body in the fight for the social vindications that Cuba demanded.  

Their name blunting in the Association of Laws Students. Their name linked to the I reject of the demagogic farce with which the government sought to evoke, November 27th, 1929, the memory of the eight students of Medicine wrongly shot by the Spanish colonialism. Their name involved in the disappearance of a tarja placed in the School of Laws, where unworthily that of the dictator appeared Gerardo Machado.  

That last day of September of 1930 Rafael Trejo went among the first ones in the manifestation that went toward the Presidential Palace to demonstrate to the tyrant from the University Hill how much dignity and patriotism became agitated in the student mass. And it was of the first ones in beginning a confrontation body to body to the height of the street Infanta when the juvenile marejada tripped with the uniformed assassins. And it was also their blood of the first ones in spilling out that time.  

Then they were the corridors of the hospital; then the encounter with Pablo de la Torriente Brau, the beloved friend also hurt. And later in Trejo’s habitually serious semblance, a smile. His twenty year-old last smile entered to the history forever that last day of September.

By Rosa Blanca Pérez López

Translate by Julio Jiménez

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