Interprovincial passenger transportation shut down

Photo: Radio Havana Cuba

As part of the confrontation with the COVID-19 in Cuba, the Temporary Working Group decided to shut down starting Sunday state and private interprovincial transportation of passengers on the island.

This measure will be implemented until the end of the month, and the curfew in Havana will be extended until then.

Cuba had mostly contained its novel coronavirus outbreak by the end of June, by isolating patients and contacts and eased lockdown restrictions.

But it tightened them again in Havana by August the western provinces and has yet to contain a spike in cases with over 300 reported over the last week in Havana and 7 other provinces.

Other measures, such as the mandatory use of face masks, systematic disinfection of hands and premises, physical distancing, and rules for occupying means of transport, have also been put.

President Miguel Díaz-Canel said that this week the Temporary Working Group would evaluate the entry of produce into Havana, the banking, and store services to reduce the crowds and electronic commerce.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares

Taken from Radio Havana Cuba

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