Andorra expresses gratitude to Cuba to fight COVID-19

Foto: tomada de Granma

Andorra ratified on Monday its gratitude to Cuba for the help given withby a Cuban medical brigade in the most difficult moments of the coronavirus pandemic in that nation.

‘Thank you for being in this European country and also the Cuban authorities for having agreed to carry out this first mission in the Principality of Andorra’, Foreign Minister Maria Ubach stressed during the farewell ceremony to the Cuban health workers.

The foreign minister stated that it was truly an honor and a privilege for the Andorran Government to have 39 Cuban health professionals for three months, in a crucial context for that nation, located between Spain and France, among the southern peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains.

During the ceremony, Ubach highlighted that this is the first time Andorra has carried out an international health collaboration, ‘a country comes to help us in one of the most critical moments in our history’.

The minister extended this recognition to the Cuban authorities through Alain Gonzalez, Consul General of the Caribbean nation in Barcelona (Catalonia), who attended the farewell ceremony, and Dr. Luis Enrique Perez Ulloa, head of the medical brigade.

By Eduardo Rodriguez-Baz

Taken from Prensa Latina

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