Before the pandemic, control and it disciplines 

Foto: Ricardo R. Gómez Rodríguez

To demand because the social places where illness people coincide they have all the conditions in correspondence with the resources that the State dedicates them, it was one of the orientations of the Council of Provincial Defense of Havana, gathered this Wednesday to analyze the work related with the confrontation to the new coronavirus in the territory. 

In old men’s homes, grandparents’ houses, Psychiatric Hospital, the Center Psicopedagógico and of deambulantes, they should be completed like in any other place the isolation measures, internal order, hygiene, feeding and provisioning, for that which is important to carry out daily checkups to those facilities; Luis Antonio Torres Iribar, president of the Council and Member of the Central Committee of the Party said. 

He explained that in those centers it is necessary to maintain a systematic work, investigated by the directive of the sector; because in recent visits of the Provincial Council inadequacies were detected and I eat consequence measures they were adopted in the disciplinary order and directive were substituted at several levels. 

Torres Iribar again insisted in the necessity of guaranteeing that the doctors, nurses, technicians and workers of the Health have all the available protection means, for human reasons and also for what that force represents for the confrontation to the COVID-19. 

In the encounter it was known that of the 52 new positive cases detected in the country, 44 belong to the capital, although it is also high the number of carried out investigations.

The municipalities with more incidences are Square of the Revolution, followed by Center Havana and Cerro. In the case of Center Havana and other areas of high complexity, they intensify preventive investigations guided to detect possible infections. 

As part of the attention to vulnerable people, this Thursday the distribution begins from a module of foods to prices of the liberated sale; but controlled that will arrive by means of cellars to more than 400 thousand old men, understood among those that have more than 65 years; Idalmis Martínez Pérez, directress of the Union of companies of Trade and Gastronomy of Havana.  

She explained that the offer includes viandas, vegetables, flour of corn, some protein, pastas; and the distribution will be made in a gradual way and she will begin for the municipalities of Diez de Octubre and Old Havana. 
On Friday they will be Plaza, Guanabacoa and Regla; on Saturday the offers will be in Cotorro; and on Monday 27 of this month, in San Miguel del Padrón, Arroyo Naranjo and Habana del Este 

The territories of Verro, Boyeros, y Centro Habana will receive the module on Tuesday 28; and on Wednesday 29, Marianao and La Lisa. 

The clients will have two days to carry out that purchase with the objective of concluding this strategy before the May 1st, when they will begin to be distributed products of the basic basket. 

The intention is to guarantee foods to people of the third age and that these can fulfill the measures of social distancing. 

The Council called to increase confrontation actions to resellers, monopolistic and to those who carry out illicit activities under complex conditions when the town combats the pandemic. 

As favorable news it was known that the citizenship responded to the call of the authorities of contributing to reduce the electric power consumption; that now it is smaller than general way, and mainly in schedules of the call “I itch electric.”

Julio A. Jimenez Ruiz

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