United States lies about Cuba are serious danger for the region

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez says that the “ongoing lies” by Admiral Craig Faller, commander of U.S. Southern Command, about Cuba’s alleged links to drug trafficking are a serious danger to the region.

On his Twitter account, the Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX) stated that the U.S. government is well aware of “the exemplary performance of our country and still fabricates excuses to justify its aggressive behavior in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Last week, MINREX proved wrong information posted by Newsweek magazine, accusing a “high-ranking official” of the U.S. Department of Defense that drug shipments have been carried out between Venezuela and Cuba.

MINREX’s statement warned that such information contrasts with the 2020 Report on International Strategy for Drug Control by the U.S. State Department, which states that “Cuba is not a major illegal drug consumer, producer or transit point.”

Washington recognized that Cuba’s drug production and internal consumption “remain extremely low due to active surveillance, strict prison sentences and domestic prevention and public information programs.”  The U.S. State Department publication noted that Cuba “put in weighty resources to crack down on illegal drugs and their use, that’s why regional drug dealers generally avoid Cuba.”

In previous accusations, also on Twitter, Bruno Rodriguez said the United States is the main threat to stability, peace and well-being in Latin America.

He considered Craig Faller´s remarks as irresponsible, who, when testifying to the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives, announced an increased number of U.S. military troops in the region by 2020.  Craig Faller reported that the military forces “will include a greater deployment of warships, jets and security forces to counter a series of threats.”

Bruno Rodriguez affirmed that this statement, alongside the renewal of Trump´s executive order considering Venezuela as an ‘unusual and extraordinary’ threat to its security, confirmed the U.S. aggressive policy in the region.

Edited by Ed Newman

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