German company interested in effective Cuban drug for COVID-19

The German company Profumed Deutschland joined the 72 nations interested in the Cuban product Interferon Alpha 2-b effective in the protocols of care for patients of COVID-19, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

The pharmaceutical company is working to obtain permission to import the drug and hopes that U.S. political interests and the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba will not prevail over the problem of saving human lives, said general director Georg Scheffer.

He warned that his company needs the support of others, since in the European Union the importation of this drug is only authorized in Spain.  He also highlighted the availability of Cuba to send doctors to Germany or to authorize the production of the drug in the European nation that has 141,672 infected and 4,404 dead, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

Profumed Deutschland produces cellulose-based medical material and has worked with Cuba for more than three years, he told Sputnik. Scheffer noted that the Caribbean nation is capable of exporting Interferon alpha 2-b without depriving its own population of its use.

The product, which is combined with other chemical antivirals for treatment, was tested against other coronaviruses which, like SARS-CoV-2, reduce the natural production of interferon, a molecule produced by the body itself in response to viral attacks, explained the president of the BioCubaFarma business group, Eduardo Martínez.

Cuba, with one plant on the island and another in China, values other capacities to increase production, said the expert.  

Edited by Ed Newman

Take from Radio Habana Cuba

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