Cuba protects health personnel with strict measures

All medical personnel in Cuba have the required protection for health workers, depending on their function and specialty.  

During his daily news briefing on the situation of COVID-19, Doctor Francisco Durán, National Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, emphasized that these measures are a priority for each health care professional in all hospitals and isolation centers where patients are being cared for.

Doctor Duran indicated that in each health care facility in the country, personal protection equipment has been distributed for the care of all the staff that treat COVID-19 patients, and even anyone who may have other illnesses, since in many cases, there are asymptomatic people who unknowingly are carriers of the disease.

The island has all of these resources for its health care workers, despite Washington’s economic blockade that prevents many countries from being able to send them to Cuba.

Lab/ Taked from RHC.

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