Disinfecting streets and public places in Cuba’s capital by Covid-19

The disinfection of streets and avenues, by means of tank trucks that spread chlorinated and soapy water, constitutes today one of the measures carried out in Havana, the province with the highest number of infections by Covid-19 in Cuba.

Such tasks are carried out by zones, with the support of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and between the hours of 6 in the afternoon and 10 at night.

As reported by the Cuban News Agency, the intention is that the action of chlorine lasts on the road and in other public spaces and is not counteracted by the sun and high environmental temperatures.

It is a coordinated effort of the armed institution and the Empresa Aguas de La Habana, for which since Monday it began to fumigate places with large concentrations of people, the main streets and avenues of Havana.

Among the arteries treated are those that line hospitals in the area known as Cinturón del Príncipe, in the Vedado neighborhood, as well as interior streets and other potentially risky sites.

As is the case throughout the country, the Defense Council of Havana evaluates the epidemiological situation of the territory daily and the fulfillment of prevention and control measures to confront the new coronavirus.

The day before, it was decided to increase social isolation measures in the Vedado, Acosta and San Agustín popular councils, located in three municipalities in the province, affected by the appearance of several positive cases of Covid-19.

In the part issued daily by the Ministry of Public Health, Havana has 33 of the 48 new cases of contagion reported in Cuba until 12 midnight on Tuesday, April 14.

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