Cuba urges the international community to act for a fairer post-COVID-19 world

Cuba urged the international community to act swiftly if it wants a fairer global order in a post-COVID19 world.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla tweeted Thursday that ” it is very difficult to expect that the eventual end of the pandemic will lead to a fairer, safer and more decent world if the international community does not hurry. 

And he added: “It is still time to act and to mobilize the will of those who have the responsibility to do so today.  The time calls for cooperation and solidarity.”

The top Cuban diplomat considered that the international effort, which should be politically impartial, would help shorten the duration of the pandemic and reduce the rate of loss of life.

Rodriguez Parrilla concluded his tweets stating that Cuba strongly believes in the role and leadership of the UN and the WHO and that both organizations are indispensable.

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