In Cuba 2,501 people are under clinical surveillance by Covid-19

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health reported today that 2,501 people are under rigurous clinical-epidemiological surveillance by Covid-19.


Another 7,167 people are monitored in their homes by the Primary Health Care, reported Dr. Francisco Duran, National Director of Epidemiology.

Cuba today reporte 40 confirmed cases of Covid-19, a figure that brings the accumulated number of positives to 766, while another 11 recovered from the disease and were discharge but to still they will have to undergo home medical supervision for another 14 days.

The number of patients who have healed amounts to 132, a fact that has been repeated daily for several days.

Of those confirmed, all are Cuban and 21 are female. In the usual press conference to publicize the country’s epidemiological situation, the national director of that specialty, Francisco Durán, explained that 20 percent of confirmed patients are asymptomatic.

No deaths are reported on this day, although nine people are in critical condition and three are in serious condition.

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