Lizt Alfonso invites from Cuba to dance a “son” after COVID-19 is over

Maestra Lizt Alfonso invites to dance a “son”, after the virus is defeated by promoting the video “Let’s dance a son” by Eliades Ochoa on the social media.

The Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Company (LADC) joins the renowned Buena Vista Social Club star and leader of the Patria Quartet, guitarist, singer and songwriter, in a very refreshing and lively Cuban video, which defends a style of song and dance originating in the Caribbean island from a mix of musical features from Spain and Africa.

‘Who would have told us that the music video, which we shot in February with our Eliades Ochoa and that great movie man, now as a director, Jorge Perugorría, was going to be released in the midst of this quarantine and at Easter,’ commented the popular dance company director. ‘What better way to celebrate life than with music and dance performed by boys, girls, young people and their teachers, proud of carrying deep into the cultural legacy of a nation,’ said Alfonso, who dances in front of his group in the video.

The Covid-19 expansion stopped the intense streak of LADC performances, but it did not stop its work, it only rescheduled the dates, moved the trainings to the homes and new projects now continue to be developed on the teachers’ computers. Company members and the school share details on social media of some physical preparation sessions they assumed in these days of quarantine; while maestra Lizt, as many call her, among various actions, promotes the new video of Ochoa and the Patria Quartet, posted on YouTube by the singer himself.

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