Public transport to be shut down in Cuba as of Saturday

Cuban authorities announced a new set of measures on Thursday to further encourage people to stay home amid the current novel coronavirus pandemic.

Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, Minister of Transport said that starting Saturday, there will be a total shut down of the circulation of all public transport of both state and private sector, including inter-municipal and rural services.

The only public vehicles that will be authorized to circulate are those related to prioritized services. Urgent mobility needs will be assessed by territorial defense councils.

Likewise, the Minister of Domestic Trade, Betsy Diaz announced the temporary closing of large shopping centers in Havana, and the distribution of groceries at local level so that people do not have to leave their neighborhood to acquire the food and other items they need.

Faced with the lack of risk perception by important sectors of the population, still converging on the streets, Cuban authorities are resorting to new actions, seeking social isolation and social distancing, while the island goes through the most challenging stages of the pandemic.

Lab/ Taked from RHC.

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