Molecular biology laboratories in Cuba fight Covid-19

The molecular biology laboratory in this eastern city is one of the strengths the Cuban health system has to deal with the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, a source from the Ministry of Public Health informed.

Dr. Guillermo Mora, provincial director of that lab, pointed out on Wednesday during the TV-radio program Mesa Redonda that this biology laboratory processes the 200 samples received daily from eastern Cuba.

The doctor also stated that patients from the south-eastern provinces of Granma and Guantanamo have been admitted at the Joaquin Castillo Duany Military Hospital, the General Ambrosio Grillo Military Hospital and the Juan de la Cruz north Children’s Hospital, as part of the territorial organization for caring sick persons.

He also considered that the province has highly qualified personnel for medical assistance from primary to secondary care and a University of these sciences that trains Cuban and foreign professionals.

Mora thanked the Provincial Defense Council and the social and grass-roots organizations, along with social workers, for the support received to treat the most vulnerable people, and particularly the so-called wanderers, among whom none of them have been so far infected with the disease.

Santiago de Cuba province has 801 coronavirus cases studied, 105 people have been admitted in hospitals, 22 patients have been discharged and 28 cases of the disease have been confirmed, without reporting deaths or seriously ill patients, amid the priorities established by the Provincial Defense Council and home isolation such as the main measure.

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