Solidarity concerts to continue in Cuba ahead of Covid-19

The urban music group Negrons is protagonist today of concerts promoted by the Cuban Institute of Music (ICM) to support social isolation measures aimed at preventing the Covid-19 pandemic from spreading across the country.

The musical performance will be aired Clave channel, Radio Progreso station and on YouTube channel of the Ministry of Culture, as well as links to hundred pages on Facebook.

Negrons, winner of 2019 Cubadisco Award for Urban Music category, with album Binary, thus joins the initiative to air gigs via online started a couple of weeks ago to bring culture to the country’s homes and avoid conurbation that promote the spread of new coronavirus.

The urban music concert is slated for 4:30 p.m. local time, and according to ICM program, it will be followed by that of Pancho Amat and his Cabildo del Son, Karamba group on April 9, and then saxophonist Michel Herrera and his group on April 10.

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