Mexico to request Cuba for medical aid to fight Covid-19

Mexico will request help from Cuba to fight the Covid-19 pandemic if necessary, but the national plan has been working well so far, Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador said.


When asked about it in his morning press conference at the National Palace, Lopez Obrador recognized the quality of Cuban medicine and pointed out that Mexico has very good relations with the Cuban government.

Obrador said that if talks about medical aid to fight the Covid-19 epidemic happened it would be necessary to help us precisely with critical care physicians. Cuba has specialized nurses and doctors, but this just in case.

He also explained that Mexico is passing through two stages or two advanced momentum for preparing what has to do with health sector, available beds, ventilators, and health specialists.

This plan is going very well, although we are not yet in the toughest stage of the pandemic according to specialists, but we are very close to it and it will be very hard.

Therefore, we are controlling resources and for now we have more beds available and more ventilators than we need today only in health sector and fortunately our hospitals are not at their capacity.

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