Díaz-Canel insists on acting with cooperation, discipline, and responsibility

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel reiterated Monday his call to institutions and the population to act with cooperation, discipline, and responsibility.

In the daily meeting to assess developments related to the confrontation of the new coronavirus, the Head of State insisted on the importance of people being frank when asked by screening personnel if they have any respiratory symptoms.

He mentioned cases of patients who wait too long, and when they get to the doctor, they are in critical condition, and their lives are in danger.

“This happens because they did not offer the information in a timely manner and, therefore, when the disease is detected, it’s already in an advanced stage, and procedures and treatments are less effective.”

“We are in a fight to save people’s lives and to prevent the spread of the disease,” he said.

As another essential element to be taken into account by all the health institutions and all the management systems that are in each of the territories, Diaz-Canel  highlighted the principle that “every suspect, every contact, every person with symptoms, should remain in the hospital.”

“Isolating people who are potentially sick or carriers is the most effective way we have to control the spread of the disease,” the president said.

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