ETECSA announces benefits to subscribers as part of COVID-19 measures

Cuba’s Telecom company ETECSA  announced several benefits to mobile and land telephony subscribers amid efforts to encourae people to stay home.

The new package includes rate reduction for voice and data on mobile phones in the early morning hours, the extension of validity of bonuses, decrease of land line national long-distance rate during the quarantine period.

Subscribers of Nauta Hogar domestic Internet services are also receiving bonuses in this time of COVID-19 when people are being asked to stay home. 
The Ministry of communication is also encouraging the use 
TRANSFERMOVIL banking app for the paying of bills, offering a 10% discount for those who use the application to avoid large gatherings in offices for the payment of utilities such as telephone and electricity.

Since the report of the first novel coronavirus cases in Cuba in Mid March, ETECSA says there has been an increase of 30% of voice and data traffic
on the cellular networks.

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