Cuba’s embassy in U.S. honors Covid-19 victims

The Cuban flag of this country´s embassy in the United States flies at half-mast in honor of those individuals who have died from Covid-19 pandemic, the Cuban embassy reported Wednesday.

“Our embassy, Cuban flag will fly at half-staff in honor of all people who have died in #Cuba, #United States and worldwide, in this combat against #Covid-19 pandemic that unites us all,’ according to the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the embassy.

Our thoughts are with each patient, family, front-line worker and with each health professional, the Cuban embassy posted on social networks.

‘Our embassy joins the applause in #Cuba to our health professionals. It is also a tribute to doctors and nurses of the United States and around the world. To all, our deepest gratitude,’ the diplomatic representation live-tweeted.

Six patients have died in Cuba due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a disease caused by the aforementioned coronavirus, meanwhile there are a total number of 212 infected cases.

In the United States, on the other hand, the nation that has the world´s highest number of Covid-19 infected people (over 200,000 according to local media), about 4,000 individuals have died so far.

Lab/ Taked from Prensa latina

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