Chinese media praise Cuba’s solidarity despite US blockade

Cuba shows its commitment to global solidarity by providing assistance to territories hit by Covid-19, although it faces difficulties to import medical materials due to the United States blockade, Chinese media reported.
The influential Global Times noted in an article the presence of Cuban medical brigades in Italy, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Jamaica, as well as other health professionals in 59 countries of the world, including 37 nations with a complex situation as a result of the current pandemic. The newspaper referred to the selection and efficacy in China of the Cuban-made antiviral Interferon Alfa-2B to treat Covid-19 patients, and noted that the prestigious product has been requested by at least 45 governments.

Global Times said that another example of Cuba’s solidarity was allowing the British cruise ship MS Braemar to dock with more than 1,000 passengers, some of whom were infected with the new coronavirus, to evacuate them to the United Kingdom.

However, Global Times condemned that as Cuba contributes to the world fight against this common enemy of humankind, the United States has tightened the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on the Caribbean island for nearly six decades.

The Chinese newspaper echoed Cuba’s condemnation of Washington’s interference and efforts to attack and harass medical cooperation, under groundless excuses and with political ends.

It regretted that the White House did not include Cuba in its international assistance program against the pandemic.

‘With one of the highest ratios of physicians per capita, and with medical competence built around disease prevention, Cuba needs access to an already tightened global chain of supply amid the demand for medical equipment and accessories,’ Global Times stressed.

However, it pointed out that Cuba was the first country in the world to eradicate mother-child contagion of HIV and syphilis, and has made other internationally-renowned achievements in the medical field.

The newspaper referred to the call on Washington by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, to lift the scheme of unilateral sanctions that hinders humanitarian assistance at such critical times.

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