Provincial Council of Defense in Havana evauated actions for the confrontation to the COVID-19

Last Sunday March 29th were developed in the provincial headquarters of the Cuban`s Communist Party the meeting of the Council of Defense in Havana evaluates to newspaper all the related with the plan for the confrontation to the COVID-19. 
The encounter was presided over by the first secretary of the Party in Havana and its president Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar and for the vice-president and governor of the city, Reinaldo García Zapata to who the doctor Yadira Olivera Nodarse, provincial subdirector of health offered an upgrade of the evolution of the COVID-19 in the city. 
The county accumulates 34 cases for a rate of incidence of 1,5 for 100 thousand inhabitants. Four municipalities are above the stocking, being Square of the Revolution that of more epidemic risk in the city. The other territories are Havana of the East, Cotorro and Guanabacoa although alone they have two confirmed cases. 
During the meeting of this Sunday the president of the Council of Defense Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, called to act with discipline, responsibility and rigor before this epidemic situation that faces the capital, at the time that he specified that one works in the acondicionamiento of facilities that allow to increase the capacities for the isolation of travelers, suspicious cases and contacts of the confirmed cases.  
Of equal it forms, Torres Iríbar emphasized in the importance of the realization of the investigation and it pointed out that they should increase the pesquisados number, making emphasis in Square of the Revolution, the municipality of more affectation in these moments. 
Finally and fulfilling the indications of the president of the Council of Defense of the capital, the Office will carry out preventive journeys with control actions in the agricultural markets of the city, for the sake of guaranteeing that infractions are not commented and, if they take place, the responsible ones will be subjected to the administrative and legal measures that correspond.

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