Havanan grandmother before Covid-19: “we should leave this and the humanity will take the pertinent lessons”

The Havanan one “of pure stump”, Avelina Chacón Lombillo, as her accustoms to say for the pride that feels for its small homeland, it is it attempts day by day to the informations on the Covid 19 for the official means of communication, through them, precise, “we know the truth of the epidemic situation of Cuba and of the world.” 
Not without concern for the thousands of deaths that it has already caused the pandemic, Avelina has faith in that the humanity will leave this difficult situation in that we are sunk and she recognizes that she has become worse for the weak sanitary system that, contrary to that of our country, they even have the developed nations. 

It appreciates therefore, this grandmother of little more than 80 years of age that makes “this small Island blocked for the protection of all their children and beyond their frontiers”, when highlighting the Cuban medical personnel’s encomiable work that “with a lot of love, humanism and solidarity helps to other countries against the illness.” 
Avelina, nevertheless the lived years, it doesn’t look the age that reflects the calendar. Their good character, dynamism, physical constitution and other personal attributes make of her a pleasant woman and always with longings of knowledge. The concern and their children’s love and grandsons, also of the good friends they make it live happy, in spite of vicissitudes that can be presented. 
Now she can that “their spirit is not very up”, she says, “because what we are living is not anything flattering”. But she insists in that “we should leave this, we have to recover and then the humanity will take the pertinent lessons.” 

Avelina, in fact you don’t represent the age that has.

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