Community in Pinar del Rio province quarantined due to COVID-19

A Community of the Consolacion del Sur Municipality in Pinar del Rio Province was declared in quarantine on Tuesday.

Granma newspaper reported that the Camilo Cienfuegos community is located at El Canal People’s Council.

Public Health authorities had reported earlier that the community was the site of the second incident of local transmission of the COVID-19 virus when a couple that had traveled to Cancun tested positive. Three secondary cases followed.

By the time the quarantine was implemented, at the request of the Pinar del Río Provincial Defense Council, seven cases had been diagnosed positive. 

The Communist Party leader of Pinar del Rio Province, Julio Cesar Rodriguez, pointed out that the quarantine entails new measures and more rigor in their compliance. Intensify research and the study of contacts of positive cases, as well as studying all the potentialities for creating isolation capacities.

The Facebook Page of the Consolacion del Sur municipality reported that some 120 asymptomatic people who had been in contact with the seven patients are isolated under surveillance.

This is the first territory on the island to be submitted to a quarantine. The measure implies that exits from homes and crowds in public spaces and service centers are regulated.

People will not be allowed to leave their homes after 8:00 p.m.; nor should they stay in public areas at night. Anyone who does so may be sanctioned with fines of between $1,500 and 3,000 pesos.

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