Cuban Prime Minister: “These are times of hardship and unity”

These are difficult times that demand the unity of the Cubans, said Prime Minister Manuel Marrero at the end of an appearance on the radio and television, in which he announced new measures to face Covid-19.

Marrero appreciated the accompaniment of the people in the battle against the epidemic.

He said that by order of the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Army General Raul Castro, and President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, the required provincial and municipal Defense councils were activated in a reduced composition.

This is for the control of the measures, which include the suspension of classes at all educational levels, suspension of transportation between provinces, actions for the supply of food, among others.

He noted that given a drastic reduction in tourist activity, resources will be rebalanced and redirected to the population.

The Council of Ministers will focus its work on the measures associated with the situation, the economy and directed at the people, he added.

He said that targeted social confinement will be accompanied by a renewed television programming, which will report on the battle with the coronavirus and will also be attractive.

Marrero warned that the sanctions against those who violate sanitary regulations and other measures will be harsher, even drastic.

Finally, he thanked the health personnel, those who risk themselves at the borders, in tourism and those who collaborated in the evacuation of the British cruise ship MS Braemar.

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