Cuba postpones tax procedures due to Covid-19

Cuban Finance and Prices Minister Meisi Bolaños said on Monday that formal and personal tax procedures at the Tax Administration Offices will be postponed until after April 30, in order to fight Covid-19.

Speaking on the TV program Mesa Redonda, in the presence of Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, the official noted that those procedures will be postponed to guarantee discipline and responsibility to fight the epidemic.

Those measures either support or complement those explained on the previous Mesa Redonda program by the prime minister and Public Health Minister Jose Angel Portal.

Bolaños noted that from March 24 until April 30, all tax or contribution payments at bank branches will be postponed as well to prevent crowds in at those institutions.

Electronic payments through Transfermovil and Telebanca will be available.

In response to a question, she noted the need to strengthen the protection of current prices at the municipal and provincial levels to prevent hoarding and speculation.

Lab/ Taked from Prensa Latina

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