Cuban Prime Minister calls for more export of technical projects

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero called for promoting the export of projects and technical services in the construction sector, during a meeting led by President of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez.
Summarizing the balance of the organism’s activity during 2019, Marrero said that all work must start from quality projects, in which there must be an open mind, seeking more rationality and solutions.
Marrero said that construction has been impacted since 2019 by the complex situation the country is experiencing with the intensification of the blockade and the exacerbation of the difficulties in the acquisition of fuel, and began 2020 with a similar situation.

He also indicated that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is also beginning to impact the island’s economy negatively.

The Prime Minister urged to continue moving forward, to think about what is being done and to find alternative answers to the problems to continue on the path of development.

He highlighted as priorities the defense, the intense legislative program after the discussion and approval of the Constitution of the Republic, the entire process of recent organizational transformations, and the economic battle.

The Minister of Construction, Rene Mesa, pointed out the need to be more efficient in the use of energy carriers, since the measures applied since September have allowed to deepen savings and spend less money and resources.

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