Quebecois documentary directors show experiences in Cuba

Artists from the Canadian province of Quebec are showing their experiences in documentary filming.

The directors Matthiew Brouillard, Josiane Roberge and Catherine Benoit were invited to the 18th International Documentary Festival Santiago Alvarez In Memoriam, and spoke of the modes of production and elaboration of those works, which run the gamut from photographic series to films, going through video installations.

Brouillard referred to the creative processes, through which she designed three photo books and directed the feature film ‘What does gravity matter’, while her colleague Roberge emphasized the combination of moving images with live art.

Benoit, on her part, runs the Spira cooperative, with more than 10 years dedicated to independent cinema and with some 160 short- and full-length documentaries that address social and identity search challenges.

Potential for cooperation and professional development with Quebecois entities and filmmakers were exposed during the meeting with journalists and authorities of the Santiago Alvarez Office, of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry,

The Festival will run until next 12 and a series of works will be shown for its duration.

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