Western Union stops sending remittances to Cuba, except from U.S.

The Western Union remittance company on Wednesday suspended financial transfers to Cuba, except those issued from the United States, as a result of Washington’s escalation of sanctions.

Several clients were informed at service points of that firm in this capital of the new Washington restriction.

Last month that company had announced that ‘due to unique challenges of the service that operates remittances outside the United States to Cuba’, Western Union may lose its ability to operate transactions from other countries to the island.

This is another step in the ever more aggressive policy of the US blockade, aimed at strangling the Cuban economy with the stated purpose of causing discouragement and that citizens blame their government for deprivations derived from these unilateral measures.

Last October the administration of Donald Trump limited the sending of remittances to one thousand dollars per quarter and per person.

As part of Washington’s measures, the island has suffered episodes of fuel shortages since September 2019 when the normal tanker arrival cycle broke down, as a result of the harassment of the United States against shipping and insurance companies.

In that line, the White House applied penalties to Cuban companies Cubametales and Corporación Panamericana S.A, for their purchases of energy carriers.

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