Cuba expresses solidarity with Italy in case of emergency by COVID-19

Cuba’s ambassador to Italy Jose Carlos Rodriguez expressed here on Thursday his country’s solidarity with the Italian people and government in the face of the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In a message posted on Facebook, the diplomat expressed all of Cuba solidarity with the people of Italy, the government headed by the President of the Council of Ministers Giuseppe Conte, the Department of Civil Protection, the Ministry of Health and other national and local Italian authorities.

In particular, the text points out to all health and scientific personnel, in these difficult moments of health emergency, when so much force, responsible cohesion and collaboration are required when facing COVID-19.

According to the most recent official information, the new coronavirus has so far caused 14 deaths and 528 infected in Italy, most of them in the regions of Lombardy (305) and Veneto (98), where the two epidemic outbreaks are located.

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