Works from six countries to compete for Cuba’s Musicology Award

A dozen works from six Latin American countries are competing for the Casa de las Americas Musicology Prize 2020 to be held in Cuba from March 2 to 6, according to organizers.

The conclave, which is celebrating its 17th edition and the 11th anniversary of its International Colloquium, will bring together contestants from Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia and Uruguay, who will be evaluated by prestigious researchers and musicologists from the region.

According to Maria Elena Vinueza, the music director of the organization, the responsibility this time falls on Argentina’s Berenice Corti, Colombia’s Oscar Hernandez, Chile’s Alejandro Vera, and Cuba’s Claudia Fallarero and Jesus Gomez Cairo.

Likewise, 45 specialists from 11 nations including the United States, as well as Latin American and European countries are invited to participate in an intense program of theoretical and musical activities, book presentations and exhibitions.

On the opening night, the concert Musica de las Americas by the chamber orchestra Musica Eterna, conducted by maestro Guido Lopez-Gavilan, is scheduled, and for the closing night, a dance performance by the Pupy y los que son son orchestra is expected.

According to Vinueza, during the conference they will celebrate the centenary of the Cuban musicologist Maria Teresa Linares, who continued the work started by Argeliers Leon to promote the development of musicology in the continent.

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