Amadeo Roldan Theater to open again in Cuba

Majestic shows, a fire, the reopening and corrosion summarize the chronology of the Amadeo Roldan Auditorium Theater in this capital, which will turn 90 soon, Cuban Culture Minister Alpidio Alonso said during a visit to the building.

Pianist Jesus “Chucho” Valdes’s concert on May 17, 2010, marked the closure of the institution, which remained opened for ten years only, after a remodeling process, and is expected to recover its total splendor in the first trimester of 2022.

Alonso pointed out that the previous investment was deficient. This new project is worth more than 20 million pesos and has been executed for several years.

“If we have to shut down another investment, we will”, “the Amadeo is a symbol”, a prioritized institution for the development of music and to expand the artistic program, the minister noted.

According to Madelaine Masses, director of the National Center for Concert Music and the theater, based on a research by the investors, several stages of the project were established to recover the building.

Masses told Prensa Latina that the theater will have its two main halls, dressing rooms and offices, as well as its musical archive, which has functioned as such despite the fire on June 30, 1977.

The project is supported by a group of national companies such as Servicios y Ejecucion de Obras, Proyectos y Servicios de Ingenieria Atrios, Tecnoescena, Centro Inversionista de Obras, the Cuban Music Institute and the Ministry of Culture.

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