With the patriotism and the commitment of February 24

February in their day 24 are a date of historical commitment for the Cubans. It is it for 125, when in the town of Baire, in the east of Cuba, and after a period of turbulent rest, it was listened the Cuban shout that called to the combat for the independence again. 
It was Jose Marti the visionary and indispensable agent of that new war. It was Jose Marti who agglutinated the dispersed wills and it fused in a single face to the eminent persons of 1868 and the new pines that used for the first time their anger and their weapons in the battle fields. 
The Apostle who united the Cubans of the exile with the Cubans in the Homeland with his illustrious verb, was because of the unit of all depended the consummation of the ideals of freedom that they defended in the forest with the edge of the machete again. 
February in their 24 day continue being a date of historical commitment for the Cubans, because while there is an enemy that to face, an error that to amend, an injustice that to repair and a dream that to reach won’t have rest for the trumpet that follows us summoning to the new battles that claim us these times. 
It is no longer the fight for our independence, reached the first of January of 1959 definitively. Today the Homeland demands us other zeals non less definitorios and crucial, as to continue upgrading the economic pattern that will guarantee the Cuban`s future, and to face every time with more decision, creativity and efficiency the worsening of the blockade had imposed for six decades to our country by the imperialism. 
As 125 years ago, February 24th continue committing, and the hardened Cubans of yesterday’s fights and of the present, the honest Cubans of inside of and of they went we put to ride our ideals of independence and justice again in defense of the integrity and the national dignity, so that it prevails for always the ideario that inspired Marti to begin the Necessary War that glorious one February 24th, 1895.

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