Looking for Casal film, premiere in the Cuban cinemas

 Considered a film that from a personal vision it approaches a fragment of the Cuban poet’s life Julian del Casal (1863-1893), starting from February 21st, it opens in the cinemas the recent film directed by Jorge Luis nchez: Looking for Casal (2019). 
During the pilgrimage to the tomb of Casal

The film, presented during the last edition of the International Festival of the Latin American, reflective New Cinema the contradictions of a time, the scarce press freedom, the political manipulation and the power that it exercised the Spanish domain on the Havanan intellectuality of the period. 

Dedicated to the Cuban modernist poet’s figure Julián del Casal, the film it is centered in their chore like intellectual and I take representative of the freedom of speech in front of the Spanish power. For the construction of the story film nchez has concentrated on the fence that the poet lives after publishing an article on the General Captain of the Island.  

The movie, taken a risk in its conception and style, doesn’t try to be a biographical portrait of a personality of a lot of importance in the literary context of final of the past 19th century, but an
enriched fresh about Julián del Casal, its friendships and the moment that he lived as representatives of one Cuban period.

From the narrative point of view it is formal, although that risk that assumes is translated in a style where the artifice, the imagination and the freedom of the director to build the audiovisual speech are some of the distinctive elements of Looking for Casal.  

Even, I believe that, in the own name, where he condenses that eternal search to Casal the sense of the film it is expressed, it is a process, not a result.  

Inside the context devised by nchez, soon after the premiere of the work, he was carried out a pilgrimage to the poet’s tomb in Columbus’s Cementery, a panel with intellectuals and experts of the life and work of Casal and the inauguration of an exhibition with photographic testimony and it leaves of the
atrezo elements used in the work.  

These previous activities to the premier, celebrated this Thursday in the cinema Chaplin of the 23 Project from ICAIC, hall of the national premiere of the film that will occupy the cinema rooms in the next days were.  

Translation – July A. Jiménez Ruiz

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