The Cuban bats in the Philately

Among the postal emissions of last year 2019 stand out the one carried out November 22nd, hardly three months ago, dedicated to the Cuban bats, not very well-known flying mammals. In her it is shown the image and the current situation that have in the nature. 

Keeping in mind the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of the Nature (UICN) we find in critical danger to the Bat Ear of Big Funnel, species at the moment restricted Cuba. 
Bat of Koopman 

In the leaf block we find the Bat of Koopman that is in danger and to the Red Bat of Hairy Line, classified as almost threatened. Both are endemic of Cuba.  

In the category of vulnerable find three species: Bat Ear of Small Funnel, Small Bat of the Jatas, Big Bat of Hairy Line. 


Categorized as the following ones are of smaller concern: Bat of the Twilight and the Bat of the Hot Caves. 

As we see, the philately will always be a source of knowledge and of motivation for the care of the nature.

Translation – July A. Jiménez Ruiz

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