One of the most delicious fruits

Their flavor is sweet, with a pulp delicious color orange throwing to reddish and with a seed of some dark 10 centimeters of brown color or quarter note. Their tone is due to the great quantity of carotenes that has, powerful anti-rust that favor the immunologic system. Nevertheless those characteristics that adorn it, are, also, rich in iron and match. 

Recetas de mamey. (Foto: Cocina Fácil)
(Picture: Easy Cooks)

The word mammee comes from the taino language coming from the Antilles before the arrival of the Spaniards and its more exact origin is determined that it is in Mesoamérica. It is said that it was taken with the help of leaves fermented as digestive or in infusions to remit fevers. 
The mammee can eat up raw as a fruit, or also in ice cream, smoothie and we can find it in marmalade or in form of jelly; in milk shake form it refreshes and it is appreciated even more in the summer. 
There are many the uses and characteristic; one of these it is as afrodisiac; the seed in form of oil – it oils sapayul -, it is also used in products of beauty. 
This fruit can find it in many tropical countries and all with a different name as lúcuma and meat sapota, among others. 
It is ideal for the nutrition, it has great quantity of vitamin B6 and vitamin C, rich in manganese, dietary fiber, potassium, niacina; also, it provides a fundamental maintenance for the skin, and helps in the growth of the bones, as well as, to make the sense of the vision heals; it avoids problems like waterfalls and loss of vision. Their content in sodium like mineral helps to maintain the arterial pressure inside the limits. 
Anti-rust perfect to heal wounded, production of collagen for muscles and ligaments, teeth, bones, good circulation of the blood, among others. It is free of fatty with many hydrates of carbon and few proteins. 
They are many the medicinal properties that are obtained of the mammee; also culinary recipes to savor, but different uses also exist not as well-known as it is that of organic insecticide. 
The vitamin C that cure contains and it heals cells damaged in the skin, the vitamin TO it takes charge of rejuvenating the cells; it avoids the fall of the hair maintaining it strong, even help to that it grows soft and die. 
The soft flavor of its non sour pulp makes that the stomach tolerates it in a pleasant way and protect the mucous ones digestive. 
It is ideal to stop the one bled of wounded due to the tannin (substance that is extracted of the bark of the trees), contained in their leaves. 
It also constitutes a product very used by the companies of cosmetic for their vitamins and moisturizing properties. Maybe the masks are those more used by the women to give softness, to refresh and to take care of the skin. 
Stupendous for the digestion; its high content in fiber helps to fight against the diarrhea and to improve the intestinal traffic of the organism; it cures the bronchitis; to toast and to mill the seeds will help with a persistent cough and bronchial congestion.

Translation - July A. Jiménez Ruiz

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