Sensibility, surrenders, modesty: Juan Almeida Bosque

You are surprised life. And he gives you the opportunity to know men of a giant stature. There are divine, in the flesh beings who play with their hands works that make perpetual. 
He already makes almost three decades it was enough, a sentence, a hug and even of jokes of Juan Almeida, so that this reporter reacted, in one of those moments when you think that it swallows you the earth, and amid struggling, of the daily epic poem, you see many closed doors. 
Today, February 17th we would turn 93 years the Commandant of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque who was born in Havana in a poor family of 11 siblings, and that just by the eighth I burden conquered, he had to begin to work as bricklayer. 
It was another bricklayer, their friend and neighbor of the of the capital, Armando Mestre who linked it to the call Generation of the Centennial, headed by Fidel Castro. 
Almeida was lover of the reading and its work like attendant, waiter of cleaning and manufacturer in the University Spa it allowed him to come closer to students and cultural and political activities. There he met Fidel in a friendship, affection and respect that it united them forever. 
As the anecdotes of the musician-major they would be endless, in this homage I will only refer at three. 
The first one was eves from the assault to the Moncada Garrison, when Armando Mestre went hasty to look for it to a work in construction in the Havanan neighborhood of New Vedado and he told him: “We have to leave for East to a shot practice.” 
Almeida responded joking: So far? Will we throw with caliber 50 or with canyon to go so far? 
Then, when they arrived at the Little Farm Siboney and they distributed uniforms of the tyranny of Batista that served them as camouflage before leaving for Santiago from Cuba, Almeida told to Melba Hernández: I want one of Sergeant, and this responded him in the same humorous tone. Of Sergeant?… no, because you don’t have the type, you are not high, neither strong, neither fat, neither chubby. Both laughed for long while amid the tensions. 
But, without doubts one of the things that more it astonishes of Juan Almeida, beyond their valiant posture in the trial, the prison, the exile, the Granma, the Sierra, their more than 300 beautiful songs, of their passion in the combat and then for the work, of the dozen of written books, that fact that maintained in silence during decades and decades for modesty was. 
Everything happened after the five pesetas landing of the Granma yacht in The Cayuelos. The forces of the army surprised to the expeditionary ones on the edge of a reedbed in the well-known place as Alegría de Pio. 
Amid the unequal combat, Almeida rescued the Che Guevara that was wounded in the neck, and when some threatened to depose the weapons, Juan Almeida screamed with all its forces: Here nobody, c doesn’t surrender….!… and then a swearword. 
That expression was attributed to the Commandant Camilo Cienfuegos, another with value to all test, until like I said, decades later, I don’t remember well if it was amid a Congress of the Cuban`s  Communist Party, the directing maxima of the country said before all that had been Almeida and non Camilo who it inflamed to the expeditionary ones with that sentence. 
Then, I was a youth that saw for instants in television how they were diluted the eyes and he faded per seconds the perennial smile in the face of that mulatto that years later he came until me, to rescue me, with a hug.

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