Olga Alonso in the Art Instructor’s Day

February 18th, 1945 were born a woman surrendered fully to the art and the Cuban Revolution: Olga Alonso González. 
Roused by the begun national work January 1st, 1959 it formed line in all the initial projects: she was integrated to the organizations that would mark the course of our Homeland; among them the Association of Rebellious Youths, the Federation of Cuban Women, the Committee of Defense of the Revolution, and until it participated in the first harvest of the Cuban town. 
But their main work went its immediate answer to Fidel’s call in 1960 to teach art in the field. There she was buried in the task so that the peasants improved their form of speaking; it founded the Popular Council of Culture; created libraries, groups of fond of children and adults… 
Time later she decided to enter formally to study in the National School of Instructors of Art of which graduated in 1963 as the First file in the specialty of Theater. 
With 19 years of old age, March 4rd, 1964, when she will go to impart classes to peasants of the Escambray, victim of an accident she died. 
In memory to this consecrated young woman,  Cuba devoted each February 18th to honor their memory and to take place the Art Instructor’s Day.

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